How To Make Hair Straightening Mask At Home

Silky, shiny and straight hair is these days each woman’s dream.Gone area unit those days once golden curled locks dominated the style trade.Welcome to the time of straight hair.Today many ladies area unit choosing straight hair over curled hair.There area unit a few of excellent reasons why girls needs to urge their hair straightened, as a result of straight hair is a lot of manageable, smooth, frizz free, straightforward to keep up, offers you a superbly neat, sleek look and appears smart on any face kind.

However, solely few area unit blessed naturally straight hair whereas others communicate chemical hair straightening ways, flat irons, and hair straightening creams to urge obviate curled hair.These hair straightening services and product offered at salon, provide you with instant results which can last for over a one or two years, however later it’s going to bring about to numerous hair issues that embody hair loss, hair greying, scalp infection and alternative hair issues.a

If you’re craving for a natural thanks to straighten your hair reception while not victimisation heat and chemical hair straightening product, then seek this all natural home-baked hair straightening cream.With this hair straightening treatment, you get sleek, sleek and straight hair in exactly half-hour.This straightening cream is safe for all hair sorts and helps your hair keep straight and sleek for over every week.

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How to create Hair Straightening Cream reception


Coconut Milk

Pure oil



Lemon juice

Gelatin Powder

hair strightening ingr

Method to organize Hair Straightening Cream

Pour one cup of coconut milk into the pan and place over a coffee heat.Add two Tbsp of oil to the coconut milk and stir well.In a separate bowl, combine two Tbsp of gelatin powder and a pair of Tbsp of corn flour powder.Pour the mixture into the coconut milk and stir till the coconut milk attains a semi-thick consistency.Remove the pan from the warmth and permit the mixture to chill slightly.Once the mixture has cooled, combine two Tsp of juice and a pair of Tbsp of honey.

Direction on the way to Apply

1.Before you apply this straightening cream, make certain your hair is clean and dry.

2.Properly comb your hair to get rid of any tangles or knots.

3.Now divide your hair into little sections and with the assistance of a brush apply this home-baked hair straightening cream to every section.Start from the roots of your hair then bit by bit work to the ends of your hair.

4.Using your fingers pull every section of your hair straight down.Refer to the below image.

5.Leave for half-hour then rinse with cold water.Do not shampoo your hair.Apply solely conditioner.Let your hair droop straight down whereas applying the conditioner.Allow the conditioner to take a seat for five minutes then rinse with cool water.

6.Do not blow dry or towel dry your hair.After you’ve got complete together with your hair bathtub, gently comb your hair straight down and leave to dry naturally.

Enjoy!! your irresistible silken, sleek and straight hair.

This is however my hair appearance before and when applying the straightening cream.Believe it or not, I actually have not used any straightening iron or heating machines.