7 Simple Things We’re Doing Incorrectly.

1. Folding Your Shirt

Do you wish you could fold your shirts like a pro? Here’s is a step by step guide to show how you can fold a shirt in just 2 seconds.

2. Closing an Unfinished Pack of Chips

If you can’t find a clips to close all those half-eaten bags of chips then use this trick to seal an open bag of chips to keep it fresh.

3. Tie a Shoe Lace

We all know how to tie our shoes, but is there any way of doing it fast? Here’s the video to show you how to create a strong, durable knot in just 1 second.

4. Drinking with a Straw

Many people drink from a soda can using a straw. Unfortunately, the straw likes to fly all over the place each time we attempt to take a sip. So how to fix it?

After you pop a soda can tab, spin it around and use it as a straw holder. This keeps the straw from rising up and falling out of the can. Here’s the video to show how to use a straw in a can.

5. Using Aluminum foil

Ever wondered how to get a straight piece of aluminum foil without the rest of the roll falling out from the box? Here’s the video to show you how to do it.

6. Peeling Garlic Clove

Need a lot of garlic cloves peeled, fast? Here is the video that shows a useful trick to removing the peel from garlic by using a jar!

7. Separating Egg Yolks

Here’s the simple trick to separate the egg yolk from egg whites with a water bottle.