12 Amazing Uses Of Silica Gel Packets You Did Not Know Before

Those small packets you get with a new pair of heels or shoes are not just to throw away. Silica Gel packets have a various number of uses that you definitely had no idea of.

1. Keep food grains dry
To keep the food grains fit for consumption, they need to be dry. Just leave some silica gel packets in containers or sacks where you store these food grains to keep the food grains dry and safe from moisture.

2. Keep your tools from becoming obsolete
Worried about your tools becoming useless due to the rust formation? Drop a few packets of silica gel into the tool box and this will keep the tools from oxidizing.

3. Dry up petals or flowers
If you need petals or flowers for decoration and need to dry them, put them in a bowl of silica gel packets and they’ll be dry in minutes.

4. Keep your christmas decorations from oxidizing
Throw a few silicone gel packets into the box where you store your christmas decorations so that they are kept away from rusting and you can use them again next year.

5. Keep your wardrobe free of moisture
Specially where you keep linen and woollen items or shoes, keeping a few silica gel packets will keep away the moisture and smell so that when the season comes to use them, they will be fresh.

6. Get the smell off old books
Silica gel packets are very effective in absorbing any kind of odour and thus keeping a few packets in your bookshelf will keep your old books from smelling musty.

7. Keep containers dry
Containers in which you store spices that must be kept away from moisture can have a few silica gel bags so that they are kept dry and fresh for use.

8. Protect the gym bag from bacteria
Bacterial growth is very easy in your gym bag because of the sweat and dirt. Using a few silica gel packets will keep the bacteria and moisture away while removing the smell of sweat and other things.

9. Save your camera from condensed lens
If you have used your camera out in the cold then it is likely to condense. Remove the battery and put a few silicone gel packets inside to absorb any kind of moisture and keep your lens away from getting condensed

10. Save the razor from getting rusted
Keep your razor free from rust by putting it into a box of silicone gel packets after use every time.

11. Saves you in from foggy windshields
Leave a few silica gel packets on the dashboard of your car to keep foggy situation at bay. They will absorb moisture quickly so that your windshield gets cleared easily.

12. Dry up your wet cellphone
A wet cellphone can be dried fastest if left in a box of silica gel packets. So next time you drop your phone in water, you know what will help the quickest.