A nervous 34-year-old couldn’t stop shaking, but watch him give respect to his grandmother and bring the judges to tears

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Christopher Maloney, 34-year-old, was eager to participate in the program X-Factor – United Kingdom, but the people close to him told him that he would never be able to get in and he will just make a fool of himself if he tried out for the show.

And still, Christopher had two people in his life who did believe in him: his grandparents.

It took Christopher five years to find the courage to apply for an audition. But after his grandfather died, Christopher realized that life is too short not to try.

Christopher moved to live with his grandmother in order to help her, and with her inspiration, he found the courage and self-confidence to go to the audition.

But on stage, Christopher was so nervous he could barely hold the microphone in his hand.

Somehow, he managed to find the courage to sing. And he chose to sing the song “The Rose” by Bette Midler as a tribute to his grandparents.

As soon as Christopher opened his mouth and sang the first note, the look on the faces of the judges revealed they were about to witness a very special performance…