The internet went nuts when it saw what this man did to a four-day-old baby—just watch this!

She is only four days old, yet she is suffering from very bad colic. Her parents end up taking her to an internationally acclaimed chiropractor in Melbourne, Australia. The baby cannot get any sleep. Dr. Ian Rossborough proceeds to “treat” the infant, yet his methods are being viewed as outrageous.

So the Doctor is claiming that after this particular treatment, babies will not just feel better, but will fall asleep much easier, something this infant is in desperate need of. Colleagues of Dr. Rossborough are indeed saying otherwise. Not only they say are the movements much too rough, but as far as relief? Well, there’s no real evidence that this stuff is going to lead to any relief for the infant. So essentially all you seem to have are rough movements performed on an infant. That seems the complete opposite kind of treatment you would want employed on your baby. Check out the doc’s methods and see what you think. Share with friends and family to get their opinion as well.