3 Brides are photographed while wearing the same dress.Now,look closely at the face of the bride in the middle…

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Three Brides are walking down the altar together.Each bride is wearing the exact wedding dress,the veil is the same,the style is the same and,still their bouquets are different from each other.Why would a bride want to share her special day with two other women?

The answer is simple-These three women are identical triplets.The triplets from the family of Bini,Tagyan,Rafaela and,Roshel,have decided to have their wedding together because of their special bond.

Every bride is holding a different coloured bouquet so that the families will be able to tell them apart (As well as their husbands).Despite this each of the husbands claims he can recognise his wife,thank god.

“Ah yes,I know which one is mine,for sure.I knew as soon as she walked in to the church,she was the most beautiful”,said Eduardo,Tagyan’s husband.

It was almost a coincidence that they wore the same dress.They all tried a different look,but eventually,all the isters had the same taste.The result was an unforgettable wedding,where photos were shot twice or,thrice.

Their father Pedro took each of them down the aisle.”We decided I will take all three to the middle of the aisle and then,take one at a time to the alter” , said Pedro.

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