His wife stormed out of the house angrily and left him with the kids.Two days later,she gets this letter…

The father returns from a hard day at work.He just wants to watch the football game without having to deal with the screaming kids or house chores.But on this day,his wife couldn’t take it any more and she just left him.His world collapsed when he was left alone with his kids.These are his words:


Two days ago we had a big fight.I just got back from work tired.It was 8 p.m. and all I wanted was to watch the game.

When I saw you,I was tired and depressed.The kids were fighting and the baby was screaming while you were trying to put him to bed.

I just turned up the volume in the tv.

‘It wouldn’t kill you to help and be involved in raising your kids’, you said angrily to me when I turned up the volume in the tv.

I said angrily:’I spent the day working so you could stay at home and play with your doll house.’

The argument kept going on and on.You were crying because you were angry and tired.I said some cruel things to you.You screamed,you said that you can’t take it any more.You stormed out crying and left me alone with the kids.

I had to feed the kids and get them ready for bed.The following day you didn’t come back,I had to ask my boss for a day off and look after the kids.

I was dealing with their rage tantrums and their crying.

I had to run all day and I didn’t even have time to take a shower.

I was trying to heat the bread,dress the kids and clean the kitchen,all at the same time.

I saw what’s it like to be closed in at home and not being able to talk to anyone older than-10.

I was experiencing what’s it like to sit in the table and not being able to enjoy a meal by myself,just because I had to chase the kids.

I felt physically and mentally tired,all I wanted was to sleep for 20 hours straight,but I had to wake up after 3 hours because the baby was crying.

I was living in your shoes for two days and two nights,I can tell you honestly I understand you.

I understand your weariness.

I understand being a mom means constantly sacrificing yourself.

I understand that it’s a lot more tiring than being surrounded by the top sales people in the company for 10 hours and make financial decisions.

I understand your frustration in your professional career and not having the financial freedom so you could be there for the kids.

I understand your financial uncertainty,when it’s not up to you to take care of,but your partner’s responsibility.

I understand your sacrifice when you’re not going out with your friends,working out or sleeping at night.

I understand how hard it can be,staying at home taking care of the kids while feeling that you’re missing something out there.

I also understand your anger when my mom criticises the way we raise our kids,because no one knows what’s better for their kids than their own mom.

I understand that being a mom means having the most important role in society.A role that no one appreciates,acknowledges or gets rewarded for.

I’m writing you this letter just to tell you I miss you,but I also don’t want to let another day pass without saying this:

‘You are very brave,you’re doing it great and I look up to you””.

This heart warming letter was shared more than 110,000 times on Facebook.To all the moms looking over us and doing so much for us,although we sometimes take you for granted,this letter is for you.