She lost 9 pounds in 3 days! Without starving herself or strain herself in the gym

If there’s a need to lose weight fast for a celebratory occasion and to look great in that dress you love,Army Diet-Is exactly what you need!

The routine of this diet is considered too extreme,it drastically reduces your caloric intake,therefore it’s not recommended for more then 3 days.After 3 days of the diet,the 4 following days you have to eat moderately,avoid eating floury food,sweets and anything fried.

Day One
Breakfast:Half a grapefruit,one slice of whole wheat bread,2 spoons of peanut butter and tea without sugar.

Lunch:3.5 oz of cooked chicken,one slice of whole wheat bread and tea without sugar.

Dinner:3.5 oz of cooked chicken,3 spoons of cooked green peas(canned is fine),half a banana and one apple.

Day Two
Breakfast:One egg,one slice of whole wheat bread,half a banana.

Lunch:3.5 oz of cottage cheese,one egg and tea without sugar.

Dinner:2 sausages,3.5 oz of steamed broccoli,2 fresh carrots,for desert:half a banana and 3.5 oz of any diet yogurt.

Day Three
Breakfast:One slice of whole wheat bread with a few slices of cheese and one apple.

Lunch:One egg,one slice of whole wheat bread,tea without sugar.

Dinner:3.5 oz of cooked chicken, for desert:half a banana and 3.5  oz of any diet yogurt.

An important condition of this diet is to drink half a gallon a day.

Before you start this diet you should consult with your doctor and make sure you don’t have any digestive problems and your hormone levels are normal.

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