11-Week-Old Died After His Daycare Put Him In A Car Seat To Sleep Unbuckled For Hour

Shepard Dodd was three and a half months old baby, shepard dodd, died while sitting in his booster seat. even though parents may not be informed about how frequently accident as such occur, it happens pretty often and the risk is extremely high.

Ali and Derek Dodd, sheard’s parents, decided to share this story so other parents wont have to go through a similar tragedy!

11-Week-Old Died After His Daycare Put Him In A Car Seat To Sleep Unbuckled For Hour

It was another normal day at the licensed day care where shepard use to spend his days. due to a minor illness, a clogged nose and congestion, the person’s in charge decided to put him in his booster sit so he can sleep with his body straight, just to prevent any further discomfort. for some reason the sit’s buckles left untied. as he was asleep, his head tilted down to a chin-to-chest postion and due to his very young age, he wasn’t able to return to a normal sitting position. Shepard’s airway got blocked from this position.

no one paid an attention to this emergency situation, and the young baby died of suffocation”‘ as written in the the car seat lady’s facebook page.

Infants and babies might face deathly dangers if aren’t buckled properly, no matter how much thought and technology putted into maximize performance and safety while making this booster seats. positional asphyxiation, as happened to Sheaprd, caused because of the infant’s disability to hold his head straight, and their chin which fells towards their chest might block the air supply.

The parents taking actions to regulate the legislations got babies safety standards while sleeping, and advising parents to act cautiously while letting their babies sleep in the car, and monitor them regularly.

Derek, the father, told KFOR that “getting an extra 30 minutes sleep doesn’t worth the dangerous concealed within letting your baby sleep unsupervised”