He Posted This Photo Online. But When A Stranger Noticed THIS, It Saved Her Life…

If your friends are new parents, then your Facebook feed is probably filled with baby pictures. Dads and moms alike are so happy to have brought a new life into this world, they just want to share the joy with everyone they know.

Since their babies are just happy bundles of joy, who wouldn’t want to smile with them?

But when Reddit user vespera23 was browsing cute baby photos, she noticed something on the social media site that quickly had her issuing a diagnosis.

And her warning saved the baby’s life…

In one of the many baby photos online, vespera23 saw a dad holding his adorable newborn while she made an upset face after her first bath.

“Are her eyes a bit yellow? Looks a bit like it to me, but the whole picture is a bit yellow tinted,” vespera23 wrote. “Probably fine, but jaundice is a symptom of hyperbilirubinemia in babies, which is very common in the first few days / week of life. If her eyes/skin looks yellow IRL and she hasn’t seen a doc she could probably use a checkup. Source: I’m a paranoid pediatrician.”

Yellow skin happens from an immature liver which needs to use stool to remove bilirubin in the blood. If this does not happen, the baby gets irritable, has low temperatures, and has difficulty feeding.

In response to Vespera23’s concerns, the dad replied that his daughter had been diagnosed with jaundice and was getting the care she needed.