Woman Shows Us How To Make OUr Own Pore Strips

For those who find themselves using large amounts of pore strips on a monthly basis, it can be tempting to try and make the switch over to a pore cleaning tool simply to save on money instead of constantly buying new ones. While these tools work just fine, they’re not exactly pleasant or convenient. For those who tried the tool as a means to save money only to give up due to its tediousness, the woman in this video has a better solution. She tells us that to make our own pore strips, all it takes is milk (of any grade), a brush and a pack of unflavored Jello. After some mixing and microwaving, you’ve got yourself some extremely cheap, homemade pore strips. While they are applied in a different manner than store-bought pore strips, she shows us how to easily apply them. Quite possibly the best part about these homemade strips is they’re near-invisible. With pore strips like these, there’s really no need to bother buying strips ever again.