10 Bra Mistakes You’re Probably Making (And How To Fix Them)

Bras are maybe one of the woman’s best friends. This friendship is depending on how you buy and use bras. If you are not buying or using bras correctly than you can turn your these best friend into worst friend. If your bra is not comfortable for you then here are some mistakes you probably making with your bras. We are also sharing some ways to fix them.

1.     Choosing bra by cup size

You are making a mistake if you depend on cup size to choose your bra. In this case you should try numerical band size. Cup size is not standard. It means that you might be D with one band size, but E with another band size.

2.     Wearing a bra that is too small

If you are tied up with the same bra size for a long time, you have to know that it is not good for your health. The results are bloated tummy and decreased circulation. If you are wearing a small bra size, it will result in restless night and can affect your work performance. So, it is very important to choose the right fit bra.

3.     Using tightest hook for fastening your bra

Using tightest hook for fastening your bras might have the same results as that of wearing small size bras. Restless night, redness in breast area are the results. You have to use hook wisely.

4.     Letting the band ride up on your back

According to Bobbie, the woman beauty expert, the back band should never be higher than the underwire. You have to choose the right fitting bra.

5.     Insisting on a contour-style bra

Many women prefer contour bra rather than a softer, lined bra. They do this in order to look perfect, but they do not know that they are paying with their health by doing this. This may not provide support for your breast and may increase redness in breast.

6.     You wear bra with every type of outfit

You cannot wear bra with every type of outfit. Some dresses require more perky shape; some shirts may look better if your breasts sit lower and flatter. You should try various bras for each item of clothing, you have to be sure that you pair your outfit with the best bra.

7.     Wearing a bra daily

You should not wear bras daily, and also bras should not be worn two days in a row. Many doctors suggest wearing bras on alternate’s days.

8.     Washing bras with Woolite

Woolite is definitely not good for your bras, because it may give you rashes. It will also make your right fit bra into worst fit.

9.     Keeping bras on for too long