His Neighbours Were FURIOUS When He Dug This Huge Hole. When They Saw Why… UNBELIEVABLE!

Well the way it’s going I’d say we’re not far off from blowing the world to smithereens. Sad really.

Picture this, your next door neighbour starts digging a ginormous hole in their front garden, would you be pissed? I know I would be.
My inner cranky lady would be fired up ready to send heads rolling.

However, Wayne Martin is a DIYer and one day he woke up with amazing vision. He stumbled across a shipping container for a few thousand dollars, and after some very careful planning, he excavated his backyard and dropped the container in to the freshly dug hole.

Wayne then got a little imaginative and added some additional construction, including adding extra supports, ventilation, a staircase, and pouring concrete, before becoming a proud new owner of an underground shelter.

But what would someone use the extra space for I wonder?

Somewhere for their dog? A bunker if World War III kicked off ? NOPE, A wine cellar of course!

Oh my, this guy sounds like my kind of man, where can I find one of him? I wonder if he will come and build one for me, if I ask nicely.

This video has had over 5 million views, but what do you think of it all? Is it too extravagant? Or is it something you dream about daily?