Braid Lift & Secure

The special occasions need to apply special cares about your look. You can’t attend a formal cocktail dinner wearing your comfortable jeans and a cotton white T-shirt. You have to choose a proper outfit and then, you have to flatter this outfit with a proper hairstyle, makeup and accessories. Let’s start with an idea for a beautiful hairstyle, which is formal, elegant and beautiful – perfect combination of the glamorous night.

Let’s see the tutorial and follow the steps together:

One of the most important things for a good hairstyle is the factor “healthy hair”. You can’t treat your hair badly and then expect from it to look marvelous whatever you do. Your job is to take care of the things that you love about your look. If you have beautiful and strong hair naturally, don’t ruin it with excessive heat treatments, showers, sun, wind, etc. Protect the hair with the right products and the right treatments. You can strengthen it with homemade hair masks. And you must put a thermal protector before you stylize the hair with the curling iron.

But now let’s focus on the hairstyle:

  1. Divide the hairstyle in two equal sections – top and bottom.
  2. Tie the top section into a high ponytail. Divide it in two parts and twist them together. Hold the end and wrap it around the base of the ponytail – around the hair band. Secure with bobby pins.
  3. Then make a Waterfall braid with the bottom section of hair.
  4. Lift the hanging end of the braid and wrap it around the twisted bun.
  5. Secure again with bobby pins.
  6. All done. Your formal hairstyle is ready.

Now you should match it with large earrings.

I’m sure that you will look amazing, especially if you choose to put a strapless dress. I love the feminine look of a strapless dress + elegant chignon.

Have fun!

Braid Lift & Secure